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Voit Econometrics Group, Inc.

The nationwide leader in the preparation of QDROs to divide retirement plans in divorce, COAPs for Federal and Military Retirement Plans in Divorce and all other Orders the attorney will encounter in dividing pensions in divorce.

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Specializing in QDROs and Retirement Plan Valuations for Family Law Attorneys

Voit Econometrics Group, Inc. (VECON) has been qualified as experts in both state and federal courts in financial analysis, QDROs, pension valuations, and marital calculations with regard to retirement plans in divorce.  VECON can advise on settlement agreement language to help the attorney avoid missing certain key benefits while avoiding issues with liability

"A slight change in verbiage can alter an award to an alternate payee by tens of thousands of dollars,  to the detriment of the plan participant spouse or the alternate payee.  The same is true in the valuation of pensions and the assumptions used."
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The services provided by Voit Econometrics are not limited to any particular state or states with regard to QDROs or pension valuations, since pensions, and the Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO's), which divide pensions pursuant to a divorce, are governed under federal laws such as ERISA, REA, and the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, regardless of the state in which you practice, Voit Econometrics Group can be of service.

Pension Valuations

Retirement plan valuations in divorce are crucial if the desire is to offset the value against other marital assets.  Avoid flawed valuations usually performed by those who on occasion value pensions. Have a pension valuation done professionally and defendable in court if necessary, by someone who values pensions every day.  A search of the case law around the country illustrates just how Voit Econometrics Group,  Inc. is above the rest.

Our QDROs and Valuation Services

Private Sector

We specialize in providing QDROs and valuations for every type of retirement plan in the private sector

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Determining the value of CSRS and FERS requires an expert especially in dividing federal retirement plans by a court order acceptable for processing (COAP). We wrote the book on Dividing and valuing Federal Retirement Benefits in Divorce

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Military retired pay is based on points, if a Reservist or National Guard member, or Full-Time Active which should be valued in a divorce based on current rank and/or pay grade.  We specialize in determining the value of military retired pay.

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QDRO Distribution Options

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Resources for QDRO and Valuation Strategies

Give yourself the advantage you need to enhance your negotiating position when it comes to drafting QDROs or valuing pensions. To better navigate your divorce settlement, review our resources for valuation strategies.

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Federal Retirement Plans in Divorce Strategies & Issues

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Retirement Plan Benefits &
QDROs in Divorce