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About The Company

Voit Econometrics was organized due to the overwhelming demand from Attorneys and the Courts for more expertise, competence, and realism, when valuing pensions, drafting QDRO's, and dealing with investment related issues. As you may have heard, our firm specializes in Pensions/401k's, QDRO's, Economic Analysis, and Investment Management & Research for litigation. We have sponsored several Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs, on topics such as those mentioned, along with providing expert witness testimony and pre-trial preparation.

We consider ourselves very fair and equitable, as well as having an excellent reputation for going out of our way for our clients and attorney clients. We are certain you will find us more cost effective and better qualified than most in our field.

Our Team

Tim Voit is a Financial Analyst and President of Voit Econometrics Group, Inc. Tim Voit's concentration is in investments, QDRO's and QDRO Distributions, Valuation of Retirement Plans, and Securities Litigation. Admitted as an expert in both State and Federal Courts, Tim Voit is often called upon in legal malpractice to "fix" QDRO's or to compute/minimize damages for the insurance carrier. Tim has had several articles published on the topics of QDRO's and valuing pensions in several state bar journals. In addition, Tim Voit has lectured to attorneys for Continuing Legal Education Credits (CLE) in several states and is the author of "Retirement Plan Benefits & QDROs in Divorce", published by CCH.

Todd Voit is an Economist/Portfolio Manager and President of Voit & Hamilton, LLC, A Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Todd Voit has achieved a Top 20 Ranking according to the Nelson's database of money managers and also teaches Economics and Investments at the undergraduate/graduate level for the University of Wisconsin (Ph.D. candidate). Some of Todd's other responsibilities include securities analysis for litigation and serves from time-to-time as an NASD Arbitrator. Todd has one of the only Masters' Thesis we know of in the country on the topic of Valuing Pensions and Drafting QDRO's.

GARY OBELDOBEL, QDRO Analyst, is responsible for negotiating the language of QDROs with plan administrators and primarily responsble for most QDRO preparations. Mr. Obeldobel is a graduate of the Internation College and Hodges University.

ROSS VOIT, Case Administrator, oversees day-to-day case management activities, follow-through and communication with the attorneys. Ross is also responsible for accounts receviables and billing.

BRANDI METZ, Assistant to Mr. Tim Voit.  Case Administrator, oversees day-to day case management activities, follow-through and communication with the attorneys.

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