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Business Valuation Document Checklist

if possible, provide the following:

____                1. Federal and state tax returns

____                2. List of subsidiaries and/or financial interest in other

                       companies and relevant financial statements 

____                3. Fixed asset list and depreciation schedule

____                4. Any existing buy-sell or corporate redemption agreements

                        to purchase stock or partnership  interest or rights of

                        first refusal

____                5. Copies of realty leases

____                6. Existing contracts (for example, employment contracts,

                        consulting contracts, covenants not  to compete,

                        supplier or franchise agreements, royalty agreements,

                        equipment lease or rental contracts, loan agreements, labor

                        contracts, and employee benefits plans)

____                7. List of stockholders or partners, showing number of shares

                        owned or percentage of each partner's interest in

                        earnings and capital

____                8. Compensation schedule for owners

____                9. Schedule of insurance in force (for example, key-man(woman)

                       life, property and casualty, and liability)

____                10. Budgets or projections

____                11. Marketing literature

____                12. Lists of patents or trademarks or other intangible assets

____                13. Any appraisals or consultant reports, including real estate,

                         personal property, machinery and equipment, or

                         business appraisals

____                14. Pension, profit-sharing, or stock options

____                15. Copies of business or personal loan applications

____                16. Contingent or off-balance-sheet assets or liabilities (for

                         example, pending lawsuits, compliance agreements,

                         and warranties).

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