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Federal Retirement Plans in Divorce Strategies & Issues (Hardcover)

Federal Retirement Plans in Divorce Strategies & Issues (Hardcover)
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The Ultimate handbook on Federal Pensions in Divorce

Hard Cover

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Table of Contents / Federal Retirement in Divorce Book Information

Issues & Strategies for attorneys, CPAs and individuals are provided which can save or secure tens of thousands of dollars in benefits. Whether it is in determining the value of a federal pension or dividing the federal pension wherein each party shares in the benefits, everything from FERS to CSRS, to CSRS Offset, Law Enforcement is covered, including disability retirement.

If you're a federal employee, or spouse of a federal employee, you need this book.

Also included is a chapter on Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and how to divide the account or award a portion via a retirement benefits court order.

For CPA's and Attorneys, this guide may very well be the best source on your bookshelf for information related to pensions, QDRO's, or your client's particular circumstances and options in a divorce.

This book is a culmination of over 20 years of experience valuing federal pensions in divorce and dividing them pursuant to court orders. Written by Timothy C. Voit, a Financial Analyst and founder of Voit Econometrics Group, Inc, this comprehensive guide is the only one of its kind. Having assisted thousands of federal employees, and their attorneys, the information contained in this one source will prove critical in your own divorce.

Issues related to how a former spouse's share of a retirement annuity is calculated, other benefits can be awarded,and how to defined what is marital, not only in the eyes of the court but according to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Why you do not want to use the annuity estimates on the annual Statement of Benefits provided by OPM, if you're the federal employee, to determine the value.

Part I of Federal Retirement Plans in Divorce discusses what benefits are generally considered marital and valuation issues - things you need to know about valuations regardless of whether you are the federal employee or former spouse of the federal employee. Included is a chapter on how to approximate the value of the income stream. The latter chapters relate to court order division of the FERS/CSRS retirement annuity, when a former spouse shares in the pension payments. A slight change in verbiage can mean tens of thousands of dollars in terms of value in favor of one spouse or the other.

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