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About the Company

Voit Econometrics provides expertise and competence when valuing pensions, drafting QDROs, and dealing with investment related issues.

Our firm specializes in the division of pensions and 401(k)s in divorce and offer advice to attorneys on settlement agreement language and appellate briefs for specific issues in regard to QDROs.  We are the best at what we do, we are honest, and we work hard for our attorney clients all across the country.

We are fair and equitable, and we go the longest distance for our clients and attorney clients.

Key Members of Our Team


Tim Voit is a Financial Analyst and President of Voit Econometrics Group, Inc. Tim Voit's concentration is in QDRO's and QDRO Distributions, and the Valuation of Retirement Plans. Following is a list of achievements or credentials:

  • Admitted as an expert in both State and Federal Courts - meeting the Daubert  Challenge

  • Called upon in legal malpractice to "fix" QDRO's or to compute/minimize damages for the insurance carrier.

  • Over 100 articles published on the topics of QDRO's and valuing pensions in several state bar journals.

  • Routinely asked to speak at bar functions for Continuing Legal Education Credits (CLE) in several states and CE credits for CPAs (forensic accounting)

  • is the author of "Retirement Plan Benefits & QDROs in Divorce", originally published by CCH, 500 pages 15 chapters

  • Author of Federal Retirement Plans in Divorce - Strategies & Issues

  • Called upon to consult on Appellate Briefs regarding QDROs and valuation  issues - involved in many landmark cases involving QDROs

  • Quoted in Forbes on the Wealth of the Presidential Candidates and the President's cabinet members

  • Interviewed and Quoted in BusinessWeek, Newsweek, Family Lawyer  Magazine, Reuters, and IHeart Radio


Todd Voit is an Economist/Portfolio Manager and President of Voit & Company, LLC, A Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Todd Voit has achieved a Top 20 Ranking according to the Nelson's database of money managers and also taught for 20 years Economics and Investments at the undergraduate/graduate level for the University of Wisconsin. Some of Todd's other responsibilities include securities analysis for litigation and lectures to CPAs and attorneys on how to advise their clients and vet wealth managers. Todd has one of the only Masters' Thesis we know of in the country on the topic of Valuing Pensions and Drafting QDRO's.


QDRO Analyst and Certified QDRO Specialist, responsible for negotiating the language of QDROs with plan administrators and primarily responsible for most QDRO preparations. Mr. Obeldobel is a graduate of the International College and Hodges University. Mr. Obeldobel has drafted well over 9,000 QDROs over a span of close to two decades for Voit Econometrics Group, Inc.

Assistant to Mr. Tim Voit

Case Administrator, oversees day-to day case management activities, follow-through and communication with the attorneys.

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