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Retirement Plan Benefits & QDROs in Divorce (Hardcover)

Retirement Plan Benefits & QDROs in Divorce (Hardcover)
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Receive Your Own Personal Reference Guide to Drafting QDRO's and Valuing Pensions.

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"Out of all the QDRO Books I've seen on this subject this one is the most informative and practical."
"Very in-depth compared to any others."
"I've had this book on my shelf in my office and refer to it on so many differant cases at least once or twice a month."

Give yourself the advantage you need to enhance your negotiating position when it comes to drafting QDRO's or valuing pensions. This insightful guide has been used in CLE programs, and paralegal studies, where it has served as an excellent resource in divorce cases involving pensions and divorce.

Based on real life experiences, this useful guide examines some of the pitfalls attorneys have encountered in actual cases which either saved the experienced attorney or blindsided the unsuspecting one. This, when accepting pension values presented by the other side, failing to address certain issues in the Settlement Agreements, or when drafting their own Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.

For individuals & financial planners, this guide takes sophisticated QDRO and pension language and gives the readers the tools to evaluate their own QDRO's for divorce

As an extra added benefit, a chapter is included on the latest National Medical Support Notice, often referred to as Qualified Medical Child Support Orders (QMSCOs), used to provide health insurance benefits to children of divorcing parents.

For CPA's and Attorneys, this guide may very well be the best source on your bookshelf for information related to pensions, QDRO's, or your client's particular circumstances and options in a divorce.

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